Clinical SOlutions

Organizations large and small create and interact with billions of bytes of data on a daily basis.

Virtual Goo respects the critical nature of health care data.

Our services make patient information available to providers and decision-makers when needed, while maintaining the highest levels of data security and integrity.


Integration is defined as forming, coordinating, or blending into a unified whole.

Virtual Goo specialises in seamlessly enabling disparate devices, applications and systems to communicate and work together through accepted, industry-standard mechanisms.

Our technical staff are proficient with interfacing protocols such as HL7, DICOM and XML.

Clinical services

We are committed to using leading-edge information technology for the ultimate purpose of improving patient care in your healthcare system.

We offer outsourced services, develop and deploy data integration products that enable interoperability between medical systems.


Virtual Goo believes that every data integration problem has a solution.

Virtual Goo recommends, provides, and develops the most efficient, reliable, robust and cost effective integration solutions available.

Our wide range of services and products can facilitate and monitor information exchanges with even the most ‘legacy’ of applications. Virtual Goo brings expertise, continuity and consistency to this very significant and growing component of your IT operation.